stuck in memories
stuck in pain
nightmares flood
going insane
he comforts me back to sleep
i hold onto slight light
nobody can promise me
that i’ll be alright.

winter’s end seems close
and that’s the hope that i need
to keep getting back up
to stand on my feet
warm words and held hands
his smile thaws my scowl
i hope that i show the person
i know i can be.

my wings spread and i dry
out in the sun
i can’t help but cry
a release, so much tension
juggling too much
i feel like i’m cracking.


Spinning Wheels

noisy cages bursting with chaos
the veins of a structured pile
of an organized imitation,
attempting to appear as
a sane robotic entity.
pressured animals
moving into corners
bloodshot eyes
operating with the use of
false truths,
emotions and abilities.
breaks down muscles and
motivation dissipates,
nothing left to be.

heart path

i wish to lie under the stars
with you
a place where stress is not
just us and the expanding
deep sea of space
tangled toes and hands pressing
against skin.
deserve to feel emerald sparkles
of light
ruby, sapphire dream.
warm energy, let’s never stop dancing,
show me where your heart leads…


we left the earth because we felt
we could mimic what was
and make a profit off of
what naturally occurs,
using chemical recreations.
but some quickly realized
these toxic versions of reality,
made with greedy arms and hands,
made them sick and they wondered
why the abuse actually existed
so that few could rise above
and live in a lavish man-made


you slam and shake
the building crumbles
no remorse, you broke me
but i won’t crack
i grow strong, for me
i protect myself from
the abuse you are
people like you
i write, i paint
i help myself get through
you can’t break me
you’ve already given up
on yourself, it seems
stop trying to pull the world
into your misery
only fools would walk through
your moldy, broken door
i release you from my mind
your screaming and slamming
does not effect me


I hope that people choose to be kind over intentionally hurting others.
I believe that life can be so difficult at times. So, sometimes we all need a little lift, a hug, or just someone to listen. Life can be so beautiful, and is if we feel grounded. Why not love one another instead of continuing to fuel the war that seperates us? I’m not perfect, but I care with my whole heart. I wish that this world could feel like home to us all.


if i know it hurts me
why is it so difficult
to walk away
life was hard at times then
but it was predictable
and familiar
after the earthquake
we were all separated
and it takes time to heal
tossing and turning
i need to move far away
their fight felt like
all of ours
why does it still linger
why does my heart still miss
the ones that drifted away
standing up for my life
for the ones that i love
it’s difficult to prevent
myself from missing you
but i must
i did what i thought was right
i defended my sister
maybe i should have stayed away
everything fell apart anyways