amber and cigarettes

a tangy, bittersweet
cigarette laced cloud of amber.
walking away from bruised turmoil
both old and new
bad habits and broken offspring
some feel as though they’ve been
defeated for good
some learn to grow from ash.
taking spinning rooms
and gaining strength from learning
how to walk through lava
i’ve made peace
with all and all that
comes my way.
i am strength,
now and forever. able to withstand
the weight of a toppling world.
amber and cigarettes, just a memory
of a time i felt broken.

looking back at all the lessons
i’ve grown from… i feel like light.
i am light. a fiery beam.


Author: kimberlypitzrick

I am an artist, who mostly paints and writes. I spend much of my time in the forest breathing in the fresh air and adventuring with my boyfriend and pup :)

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