Dark Burgundy

When the ground guzzles down
the sun
and all that is left
is speckled light,
I have found comfort with
the creatures
that walk through condensed
moon air.

A cradle of quiet, when
my heart truly wakes up
to sing,
my mind beams with colorful laughter
I feel like I am the only one awake
at this hour.

Room to stretch all the way out,
to breathe for a while.

Ticking clockwork echoes
alongside rare birds that let out lashes of subconscious memory,
my feet move around in jittering pieces and I wish that
I never had to leave.

This is my time to shine,
when I fully feel alive!


Author: kimberlypitzrick

I am an artist, who mostly paints and writes. I spend much of my time in the forest breathing in the fresh air and adventuring with my boyfriend and pup :)

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