he reaches out
and touches my arm
the volume on the television
is far too loud
my fingers continue to thaw
after a brief hike
and my stomach feels full
from frothy, thick cappuccino
i think about plans
but do not want to do anything
i just want to sleep
for the next few days
my energy is artificial
existing from caffeine consumption
so i chug along
with a broken mind
i lost my identity
it has been too long
since i had a grasp
on my being
i realize we are forever
adapting and growing
but i have no ground
no safety
i walk but i feel
and everything at once
too overwhelmed
what can i do
i try this and that
maybe i belong in a cave
so that i can meditate
and briefly stop
to eat and drink.


Author: kimberlypitzrick

I am an artist, who mostly paints and writes. I spend much of my time in the forest breathing in the fresh air and adventuring with my boyfriend and pup :)

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